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Would you want to visit these mysterious US places?

There are some places that seem like natural homes for ghosts, like cemeteries or hotels in the middle of nowhere. The US has its fair share of those but there are also plenty of surprising places with ghostly goings-on and strange happenings across the country. From natural phenomena that can be explained by science to 'haunted' spots and mysteries that remain stubbornly – and spookily – unsolved, here are some of the most mysterious places around the US.

We Reviewed the CDC-Approved COVID Home Tests for International Travel—Here’s What to Know

Courtesy of Ellume The new must-have accessory for international travel? A COVID self-test kit. When the CDC issued new guidance regarding its COVID testing requirement for international travel, effective December 6, 2021, many U.S. travelers who were already abroad had to scramble to do a COVID test within a calendar day of coming home. The new rules shorten the testing period from three days to one and apply to all travelers—vaccinated or...

Traveling With Family Can Be Tough. But These Tips Make It Easier

A boomer, millennial, and Gen Z-er walk into a poorly planned European vacationwhats the worst that could happen?

Chicago O’Hare vs. Midway: Which Chicago airport should I fly into?

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. Visitors to Chicago have a choice to make when it comes to trip planning: Should they fly into O’Hare (ORD), a sprawling international airport, or Midway (MDW), which offers more convenient access to the city but with far fewer choices of flights? Southwest Airlines flyers …

Deal alert: Visit Music Row with flights to Nashville under $150

Party it up in Music City with cheap flights to Nashville. Delta has flights starting at $128 round-trip from major cities across the U.S. Whether you go for the concerts or Nashville hot chicken, this trip is sure to be a memorable one. Sign up for our daily newsletter for more TPG news delivered each morning …

These incredible ecosystems are bouncing back

As many parts of the world went into lockdown in 2020, incredible photographs emerged of nature bouncing back after decades of decline, much of which had been linked to human activity and climate change. And in the longer-term, projects such as rewilding, reforestation and conservation mean there's added hope for some of the world's most delicate and beautiful ecosystems – as these examples go to show.

Epic Girls' Getaway Destinations In Every State In America

Whether you're booking a bachelorette or just need a weekend sans husbands/kids, one of these spots will do the trick.

The Tiniest Town in Every State

Move your family to one of these teeny towns and you just might double its population!

Cut these 3 monthly expenses & save $5K for your family vacay

This Glass-domed Train Through the Canadian Rockies Is Giving Free Upgrades to Every Passenger Who Books — Starting Tomorrow

The promotion is valid for bookings made from Jan. 17 to Jan. 31, 2022.

The Latest Face Mask Guidance for Travel: N95s, Double Masking, and More

With the Omincron surge, we asked experts for the latest on which face masks are safest, where to buy them, and how to properly wear them.

Upgrading my travel game: 3 perks I’m finally investing in for 2022

I’ve always been a “basics” traveler at heart. Even though working for TPG has certainly opened up opportunities for experiences like flying in first class, my personal travels look very different. I don’t have any ultra-premium credit cards to give me lounge access, I always fly economy, I almost never check bags and I’ve never …

Blooming brilliant: greenhouses around the world

Combining stunning architecture with a kaleidoscopic array of plants, greenhouses have been popular since Victorian times. And there’s a wealth of them to be found all over the world. From the towering palms and Brutalist architecture of London’s Barbican Conservatory, to the cloud-like mists and undulating glass rooftop of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, here’s our pick of the best. (As always, check the latest COVID-19 advice and restrictions before making any travel plans.)

Airlines suffer another meltdown as storms lead to thousands more cancellations

A nascent recovery in airline operations has been dealt a giant setback this weekend. More than 2,800 flights were canceled by mid-afternoon on Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022. Today, it’s not just the omicron variant and sick employees, but a series of storms slamming the southern and eastern United States. For more TPG news delivered each …

Stunning shipwrecks the world forgot

There are few things more fascinating, tragic and eerie than a shipwreck, whether purposefully sunk for scuba-diving exploits or the devastating result of freak weather conditions. Here we take a look at some of the world’s most spectacular shipwrecks, as well as how you can visit them.

The Weirdest Buildings In Every State

Consider this list your reason for an epic cross-country road trip. Not only are these peculiar buildings cool to look at, but they're also full of fascinating facts. We've rounded up the most interesting historical structures in every single state that you'll have to see to believe.

These incredible 'lost' cities have been recently found

Founded, flourished and eventually forgotten – this has been the fate of many cities since ancient times. A few names have stayed alive in legend and literature while others disappeared completely – until a chance discovery brought these mysterious metropolises back from the dead. From Sigiriya, the amazing hill-top site in Sri Lanka to the astonishing revelation in April 2021 of a 3,000-year old Egyptian city buried in sand, we look at some of the most fabulous cities lost and reborn.

This is the Oldest Town in Every State

Head to these spots for a fun and historical experience.

How to Spend a Day in Oslo’s Bjørvika District, Home to the Munch Museum

The new institution is just the latest reason to spend a day in Oslos coolest neighborhood.

The Most Iconic Things To Do in the Florida Keys in 2022

A mix of old and new should be on your bucket list when visiting.

Sweet Spot Sunday: The best way to book Etihad award flights with transferable points

Etihad is one of the three major Gulf carriers in the Middle East, alongside Emirates and Qatar. These airlines are among the most luxurious in the world — notably better than U.S. airlines, whether you’re flying coach or first class. Etihad is well-known for its fantastic First Class Apartment seat, as well as its over-the-top …

The Horrifying Story Behind New York’s Iconic Central Park Dog Statue

Nearly a century ago, sled dogs and their mushers saved a village. Today, their heroic feat lives on in statues and the silver screen.

Is a 2-night stay at the new Star Wars hotel worth $5K?

10 Must-Visit Historical Places Around the World

Photo by Mustafah Abdulaziz The 450-foot-tall Great Pyramid at Giza is made of an estimated 2.3 million blocks of stone cut by hand. Certain sites capture the world’s imagination not only because of their beauty and the human ingenuity that they exemplify but also because of the unique window into the past that each enduring location provides. These 10 UNESCO-protected spots, including many of the Seven New Wonders of the World, are among the...

Beautiful bridges that have stood the test of time

From gravity-defying viaducts to simple-yet-sturdy Roman stone arches, the world’s bridges come in all shapes and sizes and have linked towns and cities through the ages. Some of these manmade wonders have made history for their architectural feats, while others offer an invaluable peek into the lives of our ancestors. Here’s our round-up of the world’s oldest bridges that have stood the test of time, uncovering some amazing architects through the years.

What to Do If Your Flight is Canceled

Know your options when flight delays or cancellations threaten to ruin your vacation.

9 abandoned skyscrapers that hide shocking secrets

Uncover the chequered histories of nine of America's abandoned skyscrapers. Photographed by Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast, we take a look at 100 North Main, Brown-Marx Tower, Empire Building, The Laura Street Trio, the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) Tower, John Hand Building, Ramsay-McCormack Building, Thomas Jefferson Tower and the amazing City Federal Building.

Michael Caine's Personal Art Collection to Be Auctioned Off in March — See the Pieces for Sale

You can bid on his Mark Chagall paintings — and his Rolex.

This Pouch Is 'Perfect' for Everything From Makeup to Tech Chargers — and It's Only $7

Shop it in five colors.

Peek Inside the Most Famous Homes of Old Hollywood Stars

From sprawling estates to charming cottages.

Ozark secrets: what you don't see on Netflix

Many people have heard the word “Ozarks” or have seen Netflix's Ozark TV show but don’t know much about this relatively remote part of the United States. Filled with natural wonder, opportunities for recreation and relaxation and a few quirks, the area is a little misunderstood even by many Americans. Here are a few facts to help you to better get to know this beautiful part of the world.

2022 Travel Guide to the Caribbean

The hardest thing about settling on a Caribbean vacation is deciding where to go.

Wolf Volcano erupts and other mountains that could blow at any time

Did you know there are 1,500 active volcanoes around the world? Records show that about 500 of these have erupted during human history, with roughly 20 active on any given day. Click or scroll through to see images of the most recent eruptions, from Iceland to Indonesia, find out why some volcanoes like Mount Etna have grown taller and discover how to visit some of these rumbling wonders when COVID-19 and Mother Nature allow.

Famous places captured before tourism took hold

Since the 1970s, millions of people have routinely jetted off on vacations to destinations all over the world. Tourism has increased year on year, and popular cities and places of interest have become more and more congested. Until the pandemic, we could hardly imagine Venice or Times Square without huge crowds of people – but back before cheap vacations, paid time-off and Airbnb, these sites were peaceful backwaters visited only by locals or the wealthy elite. We take a restful look back at those calmer, quieter days…

8 apps that will help track your travel expenses

Keeping track of travel expenses can be challenging. With paper receipts, email receipts and not being handed any receipt at times, it’s important to be organized for both the business and leisure traveler. Fortunately, for those who are not the best at having a good grasp on their expenses, there are many apps that can …

Walking the Earth for 9 years plays tricks on your mind

Downshifting to three miles an hour accordions the days, Paul Salopek writes. You wander into what might be called sacramental time—an eternal present.

Nobody lives in these abandoned American towns

From long-forgotten Wild West mining towns and former resorts to road trip pit stops and railroad hubs, these seriously spooky towns are sure to give you the heebie-jeebies...

Where Can Americans Travel Right Now?

More than 100 countries currently allow U.S. citizens to visit, but some restrictions apply.

Venice to Start Charging Tourists to Enter the City

Photo by Shutterstock An online payment and reservation system is in the works for Venice. It seems Venice is finally putting measures in place to curb overtourism, an issue that has been plaguing the city for years. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 25 to 30 million tourists would descend on La Serenissima per year, clogging its narrow streets, polluting the canals, and pushing locals out as historic apartments were given over to short-term...

The Titanic's forgotten sister ship rescued from ruin

Unless you’ve a spare $250,000 (£184k), visiting the wreck of the RMS Titanic in the North Atlantic remains a dream for most of us. But there is a way to experience the Titanic's magic first hand, 109 years after her sinking. The SS Nomadic – Titanic’s forgotten tiny sister ship once used to ferry passengers and luggage to the doomed liner – has been restored and is open to visitors at her home in Hamilton Dock at Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland. Designed and built by the same team as the Titanic, the SS Nomadic is the last White Star Line vessel in the world. Read on to chart Nomadic’s fascinating story and take a peek inside Titanic’s smaller sibling.

How to Travel Internationally With Your Pet

It is complicated, but not impossible.

Jaw-dropping clifftop towns that defy gravity

From seaside citadels to remote medieval mountain villages, living life on the edge has never looked so good.

It's freezing in much of the US. So enjoy these amazing swimming pools

Facts You Didn't Know About National Historic Landmarks

Buildings, sites, and structures with fascinating backgrounds

How I Travel: Adam DeVine Has a Highly Specific Vision for His Honeymoon

We peek into the airport routines and bizarre quirks of the world's most well-traveled people.

Best Beaches of Northeast Florida

From Amelia Island to New Smyrna Beach, the beaches of Florida's "First Coast" are not to be missed. The post Best Beaches of Northeast Florida appeared first on Florida Travel + Life.

Caribbean Airlines launches new 737-8 planes into service

Few things beat getting a shiny new airliner as an anniversary present. On Jan. 14, 15 years and two weeks since Caribbean Airlines was started, a brief ceremony at Piarco International Airport (POS), Trinidad and Tobago, marked the entry into service of the carrier’s first Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft on a flight to Norman Manley …

These people's metal detectors led them to incredible treasures

From coin hoards to shipwrecked treasures, metal detector finds can hold huge historical significance and be worth millions of dollars.

Head outdoors to your state's top attraction

America's great outdoors are always calling despite the season and there are endless options for fun days out. From state parks packed out with trails to living history museums and sculpture gardens, we've picked the most exciting outdoor attraction in each state. (If you're planning a trip, be sure to check state travel advisories and up-to-date information before you head out.)

These ancient houses have survived into the 21st century

Constructed many centuries ago, the world's oldest homes have stood the test of time. From astonishing cave houses to noble manors, join us as we take a trip through history and discover the most venerable residences on the planet that are still standing.